Shadows of Absalom

Chapter 11

The Tide is Stemmed

Chapter 11

With the gnolls decimated, and the goblins cowed and melted away, all that was left was for the group to assist the fort in dealing with the remaining undead emerging from the portal forced open between their world and the realm of the undead.  The undead continued to pour out for several more rounds before the portal vanished – and the tide swiftly turned.  More archers and fighters rushed up to fight the creatures, which were dispatched soon enough.  Final casualty count for the fort was 16 dead, twice that wounded among the soldiers, and another dozen non-combatants dead, and 20 more wounded.  Well over 100 skeletons, zombies, and ghouls were dragged out away from the fort and set on fire.  The dead soldiers and non-coms were all properly buried, and the injured given as much help as was possible, given the circumstances.

Patrols went out, with the PCs assisting, to make sure nothing else would attack the fort that day; one of the patrols managed to capture a lone goblin, who, before it died, spoke of a 'plan B', which involved the goblin tribes gathering to make an collective assault on the new fort in a few days.

Dispatches were sent out by ravens to Absalom, Diobel, and the other forts, and the wheels were set in motion to get the Kortos Expeditionary Forces on the move to counteract the goblin plan.  Meanwhile, the group's new young friend, Carla, has been given a mission to go overland to Diobel, where she will present vital communiques that wre too heavy to be included in the ravens, as well as a promissory note paying for badly needed supplies from Diobel to be sent to Fort Iccanor.  She also must help the KEF fulfill its contract by remaining in the Diobel headquarters, while the rest of the force sets out to support the new mission.  The PCs have been asked to accompany Carla on her dangerous mission west to Diobel, and await the unit's return – for their trouble the PC group will be paid a lump sum of 500 gp + 10% of the profits from the recent battle as well as the one to come.

Carla, who is originally from Diobel, hence her choice for this mission, will instruct the PCs in anything they wish to know about the town that she knows.  The plan is to wait an additional day, at which point a Vudrani caravan from Absalom is scheduled to arrive – the group will use that caravan to get back to Copperwood, and there buy mules and a maybe a wagon to go west to Diobel.




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