Shadows of Absalom

Chapter 12

The Road to Diobel

The party, along with Karla Thules, stayed a couple of days on Fort Iccanor, then met up with a Vudrani caravan bound for the new fort, lead by Kamal Rhadrumjana and his nephews, Objay and Jaya.  The caravan put their journey aside to help the party go back down south to Copperwood, and from there procure mounts and go west across the Isle of Kortos to DiobelLexo and Maverick agreed to join them.  Cowen decided to stay behind because he fell in love with and married a moose named Moosley.

It was an eventful journey south; on the evening of the second day, while they were in camp for the night, the party was attacked by a pair of female lions, and then a larger male lion, which killed Objay before they themselves were killed by the party.

The third night the party was attacked again as they camped, this time by a flock of dire stirges.  While the creatures were all either killed or driven off, they inflicted a lot of damage to the party, including several who became quite sick – Russ especially.  Barring any further attacks, the group decided to press on quickly to Copperwood.  Once in town, Maverick decided he needed to take some time off, and excused himself from the group, while the rest went to the local shrine of Iomedae, called Saber Hall, to see if they could get healed.   There, they met the  priest stationed there, Silanus Fiore, a young Taldan who was able to give them some help, but was unable to cure Russ, who remained behind in the Pampered Poodle and rested, along with Lexo.

Fiore advised the group to wait until he could get his  friend, Hellenas Corvina, an outstanding young paladin of Iomedae to come up from Absalom to help them.  In the meantime, perhaps they might be able to assist a group of locals who have been missing chidren, and not been getting a lot of help from the Copperwood Constabulary.  It seemed a group of them met every couple of nights in a back room of the Poodle, where they tried to figure out some way to find out what was going on.   The party, minus Russ and Lexo, went over and talked with several Copperheads about what had been going on lately.  It seemed over the last 6 months or so a number of children, as well as a favorite dog, had gone missing, including a simple, lame child this same day.  Also, it turned out that a pair of halflings on the run from Cheliax had also gone missing several weeks ago, and at least one of them was thought to be a mage.  The mage, a female, turned up missing, and the male went to look for her somewhere in the Cairnlands, but no one has seen either of them since.  The townsfolk went to the Constabulary to have them look for the missing children; search parties were formed, and they looked, but no one could find anything in town, and no one seemed to want to look very hard outside of town.  Some said the Spire of Nex might be involved, although it is 6 miles north of town, while others mentioned a certain fey creature much closer to town, Rumpletweezle, might be involved.

The episode ended with the party agreeing to try and figure out what happed to the children and the halflings to see if they were related, but first to wait on the paladin to arrive to cure Russ.  It was getting close to midnight, and the paladin had still not arrived.



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