Shadows of Absalom

Chapter 5

To the Drownyard

At the conclusion of the last chapter, it was decided that the Svala will go to the Temple of Pharasma and contract a cleric to accompany them to the Drownyard; in the meantime, Russ and Zenari would go to the Pathfinder Society to get whatever information they had.

Svala went to the Temple of Pharasma in the Ascendant Court and talked to the Oracle, Zenobi.  She agree to allow a younger cleric named Saben of Garess to accompany the group to the Drownyard; he would meet the group in the morning.  Then, Svala went back to the Temple of Calistria to talk to Luna and ask about the priestess whose younger sister was having trouble with a pestering suitor.  Luna introduced Svala to Rosemund Seoni, a fellow priestess, who spoke about her younger sister, Jayne.  Jayne lives in the Ivy District, where she is an artist who works in the Silver Swan Co-op.  Jayne has been stalked by a young man named Jakke who would not leave her alone or take no for an answer, and that lately he'd become more physical with her lately.  Svala promised to 'have a talk' with him, and left to visit the Ivy District.

In the meantime, Russ and Zenari visited the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society, in the Foreign Quarter.  At the Lodge they met up with an older Taldan gentleman, Venture-Captain Ambruance, who told them that the Pathfinder Society got permission to investigate the Drownyard 6 months ago, which ended in failure.  4 members went there, three died, and the fourth went insane and killed himself.  The Society has no notes or maps or any information about what they saw.  He does say that the Society has the key to unlock the iron gate that surrounds the Drownyard.  Ambruance also suggests that it would be a good idea to get permission from the Chelaxi ambassador, Lady Miranda Dacilane, as she is both connected to the Grand Council and is a representative of the conglomerate that owned the Tri Tower Yard.  The Venture-Captain sent a silver raven to set up the meeting for the same evening.

Svala visited the Ivy District and found Jayne Seoni at the Burgundy Wine Terrace, who was being harassed by a young rake with the livery of House Dureanz, who own the Devils Own shipyard, in The Docks area of the city.  Svala stepped in and intimidated the young man so that he left, promising revenge as he went.  Satisfied that Jayne was not safe enough, Svala left the area into the Foreign Quarter, where she met Russ and Zenari, and the three of them went to The Petals to meet the Lady Decilane.  They found he Lady's very ornate house, decorated in high Chelish fashion, and met Mohma, the Lady's silver-inlaid metal construct servant.  The Lady grudgingly gave permission for the group to go to the Drownyard and remove the child murderer, Traegar Grimvald; she also offered 1,000 gp for the group to bring back any information, especially any artifacts, relating to her daughter, Junia, who died when the earthquake destroyed the school.  She showed the group a large painting of her daughter, who had long black hair, green eyes, expensive clothing, and a curious red scarab ring.

The next day, the group rallied at Russ's house then went to the Temple of Pharasma to meet Saben, and together then group entered into the Precipice District to look for Grimvald.  The group wandered the desolate, ruined streets, seeing few humans, most of whom scampered away to hide – until they were ambushed by a group of crazed beggars dressed in rags, who called them 'meat'.  After a bloody battle, the group convened at the second floor of a ruined building nearby.  A check of the dead beggars revealed that they all had a curious scar on the back of their necks, the scar was not something anyone could identify.  The chapter closed with the group hiding out to rest in the ruined building, where Russ noticed a graffiti scrawled in blood on the wall saying 'They're coming".



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