Shadows of Absalom

Chapter 6

The Fellowship Expands Again

Chapter 6 began with the group spending a tense evening in the ruined building in the Precipice Quarter, hiding out from the gang of crazed rag-clad cultists – who, in the early morning hours found them again.  A large group of cultists attacked; Zenari held the stairs while Saben hopped downstairs to split the enemies into two fighting groups, while Svala and Russ attacked where they could.

In the meanwhile, during the battle they were joined by a halfling who dashed into the area, chased by another group of rag-clad cultists.  Russ alerted the halfling, whose name turned out to be Cowan Rictor, and the two fights merged into one.  It took some time, but eventually all of the cultists were killed.

As the group asked about Cowan, it turned out that he and his former group (who are all dead or taken) were given the same task as they were: to find the child-killer Traegar Grimvald.  Cowan and his group were hired by Breyvic Valera and the Guild of Wonders – they were to bring the killer back alive to the Guild, where the Hellknight Jordanne the Purifyer, would accompany him, locked up, to Cheliax, where he would most likely undergo trial, torture, and sacrifice to Asmodeus, the patron god of CheliaxGrimvald was wanted there for the murder of a child who was the nephew of a high ranking priest of Asmodeus.

Valera also told Cowan that Grimvald was an adherent of Berverlax, a nascent demon trying to come into ts own, and that in return for the blood of innocents the demon had imbued Grimvald with certain properties or powers.   He was recently discovered in Absalom by operatives working for the Guild of Wonders, who had him sent to the Brine; from there he was sold by the Salt Cartel to Cheliax, by way of the Last Chance, owned and operated by Gnarl Bonebender.  And Cheliax is where he would have remained (where he is wanted for the murder of a child relative of a priest of Asmodeus), were it not for an unintended escape as the result of a daring raid on the Last Chance by a group of local adventurers.

The Guild of Wonders sent a representative to various slavers in the Coins to let it know that high coin (2,000 gp) would be paid for Grimvald 's re-capture. The slaver Pardu Pildapush was known to have contracted a local group to find the killer, but the Guild wonders if his information is trustworthy, and if he has another agenda in mind.

Armed with new information, and an extra member, the group continued to the Drownyard to look for the elusive child-murderer/cultist.  There they met an odd old man named Deris Marlinchen, a seemingly crazy old coot who was tending dead trees in the Drownyard court.  The group learned that his daughter attended the Tri Towers Academy, which was the name of the school prior to the disaster.  Marlinchen tried to lead them to the main office, where it turned out there were ghosts haunting the building, and he was manipulating them out of his grief and insanity.  He called a swarm of spiders to attack part of the group, and then used magic to attack the rest.  After a serious battle, where Saben almost died, the group finally killed the crazy old man, and that is where the chapter came to an end.



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