Shadows of Absalom

Epilog A

The Plot Thickens

From: the Absalom Tattler – All the News That's Fit to Sell!

Unknown anarchists set fires on two docks within two days, on the Main Pier in the Docks district of the city, and also at the shipyards in Escadar.  Municipal watch authorities confirm that organized crime was also definitely involved.  At the Main Pier, two members of the notorious Puddle Jumpers gang were slain, while an anarchist described as a 'lanky fellow with dark clothing' tried to set fire to the roof of the Ticklefish Tavern.  Witnesses described the group of anarchists fleeing towards the Coins.

In an apparently related event, a fire broke out on the docks at the shipyards in Escadar, where also anarchists were described as assaulting a merchant vessel named The Last Chance, owned by one Captain Gnarl Bonebender (now deceased).  It is unknown what is the reason for these attacks, although a number of slaves did escape from the Last Chance, including notorious child killer Traegar Grimvald.  His current whereabouts are unknown, residents are advised to see to their children's' safety.  It is unknown whether these two events are in any way related with the multiple stabbing fatalities that occurred in the Eastgate district of the City last night, which also seems to have involved both members of organized crime and a member of the Post Guard.

Authorities claim to be working on all three cases with the utmost alacrity.

Below is a sketch of the man who set fire to the Ticklefish Tavern, based on an eye witness description – if anyone recognizes this person, please contact your local Watch commander:



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