Shadows of Absalom

Chapter 2

The Fellowship Expands

Chapter II of our Adventure began at the pink stucco villa of the scion of House Junius in The Petals District, where Russ and Svala were getting information from  house scion's secretary, Verenus Cielo about the missing teenage girl, Daria.   After spending some time investigating Daria's room, Russo claimed the girl's diary and the pair of adventurers set off to the Arcanamirium to see what they could find out about her.  They discovered that Daria's primary mentor was a tiefling mage named Cenna, whom they interviewed – Daria, she said, was a studious girl who spent her time either in class, in the library of the Arcanamirium, or at home, and seemed to have little interest in anything else.  Inquiry into the girl's arcane interests yielded the fact that she was currently studying prestidigitation.  Also, Cenna opined that the change in Daria's diary from a book of a young girl's dreams to a more sober set of appointment reminders was merely evidence that the girl had grown up and become more interested in her future in the recent couple of years, and probably nothing sinister.  She did not have much else to share about Daria, other than he had seen her once or twice with another student named Justix, a red-haired scrawny young fellow who was currently on probationary enrollment, and whose interest seemed more towards history and magical theory than the practical magic of learning spells. 

Russ and Svala then went on to the library where they met and talked with Vestigus, an Arclord of Nex who was currently on special assignment as a librarian at the Arcanamirium.    Vestigus  confirmed Cenna's observation about Daria meeting with another student, and confirmed his identity as Justix Licinus, and described him as a smallish lad.  Russ and Svala then investigated the 30 or so books on prestidigitation in the library, and eventually found a note which fell out of one of them (A Thousand and One Uses for the Prestidigitational Arts, by Fyfeus Izium) which was written "Meet me at the Shower, D".  After a few moments trying to remember, Russ recalled finally that there was a place in Evergreen Park, in the Green Ridge District that was called The Shower, a large and impressively beautiful rose bush arrangement.   Having some time before their arranged meeting at the Grinning Goblin with Korlax, they decided to pursue this lead.

Meanwhile, the druid Zenari and his faithful wolf companion, Lupo, just arrived in Absalom from Varisia; having spent a rather uncomfortable night in a smelly hammock in a flophouse on The Docks, the druid made a beeline to Evergreen Park to find his contact with the Shepherds Crux circle, Calimos.   The older druid welcomed Zenari, and offered to allow him and Lupo to stay within the magically guarded and warded sacred grove for as long as he needed, and told him he should take some time to acquaint himself with the city.  He also intoned that there  might be some use for the younger druid at a small, secret fort out in the Cairnlands which currently employs a small expedition to explore the area for possible colonization by the city to help relieve some of the population pressure.

As Zenari and Lupo were wandering about Evergreen Park, they happened to come by The Shower at roughly the same time as Russ and Svala, who eventually introduced themselves and asked a number of questions.  After an exchange of information, Zenari offered to assist Russ and Svala with their problem, and helped try to search for tracks around the rose-covered structure.  Not much by way of good information could be gleaned, however, until the group talked to an irritated older man who was painting The Shower – yes, he'd seen the girl and red-headed boy arguing near the flowers, although mostly because they were in his way and in his good light.  He mentioned that he clearly saw the girl depart from the boy in one direction, alone, and then the boy, also alone, in the opposite direction.  Upon further investigation of the structure itself, a small graffiti was carved into the trellis which said J hearts D.

With time getting on, and without any further leads, the group decided to head back to Eastgate so they could meet up with Korlax at the Grinning GoblinLupo remained behind in Evergreen Park.With it being dinner time, the place was pretty full, especially since the gambling den's famous roast pigeon buffet was being offered.  A rather 'ill' Korlax was finally able to purchase his happy juice from Russ (still owing 5 gp, it should be noted), and spent the next few hours in a happy daze, so much so that it was decided, for safety's sake, to bring him and the rest of the group back to Russ's flop in Easthome so he could recover safely.  From there, Russ decided to return to The Coins to swap out a short sword for a rapier, and find out more information, while Zenari decided to walk the streets of Eastgate before finally heading over to The Coins, and then back.   Russ was able to swap his weapon out plus 5 gp to  Swarthy Bill, while Zenari discovered a few interesting spots in The Coins, including a place called the Pecking Penguin, which served foods and drinks in ice cubes and featured a puppy-juggling bard, and Frosty the Pecking Penguin (played by a halfling).

Meanwhile while Russ and Zenari were out and about, Korlax finally woke up enough to answer questions from Svala about  Yeddig Lyshev.  The murderer works a different shift than the Shoanti warrior and did not know much about him, apart from a distasteful reputation, and he also confirmed the fact that one of the hang outs Lyshev frequents in The Coins is a tavern called the Saucy Wench, a place the group visited previously.  Korlax then left to go back to the Postern Gate to get some sleep before duty.

The next day found the group back at the Junius villa in The Petals, where, after some investigation and tracking by Zenari, that the Junius girl must have been spirited away through magic, rather than dragged over the roof by a scrawny 16 year old boy who was actually smaller than the girl herself.  Splitting once again, Zenari and Russ decided to visit the Wise House to meet a half-elven sage acquaintance, one Ellwyn BrightStar to see her wisdom could help solve the mystery, while Svala decided to case the Licinius villa, which was not far away  in The Petals District.

Ellwyn BrightStar was unable to shed any additional light on the case: she could not detect any evidence of possible possession or other magical reasons why Daria's writing in her diary changed over time, and in fact her opinion mirrored the Tiefling teacher's that most likely the girl grew up and found something serious to do with her life.  Svala, having found a good spot to watch the Licinius villa, eventually noticed a young page of perhaps ten years walking with flowers in a vase trip and fall – she went over to comfort the young boy, and got him to spill some information on the location of Justix Licinius - apparently, the young Licinius lad was at a tavern in The Petals called the Silver Fox, where he had been drinking in a morose state for more than a day, so long that his mother was becoming quite upset.  A visit to the Licinius villa resulted in an audience with Quintus Leo, the Licinius seneschal, who confirmed the page's information, and offered Svala payment in exchange for bringing the lad back home quietly.

Svala went to the tavern and talked with Justix; apparently he had an unrequited crush on Daria, who, after meeting him at The Shower, told him to get lost.  He got depressed, and happened to mention the affair to his older brother, a rake and a swordsman named Elo Licinius.  Feeling that his family had been insulted, and probably high as hell on grit Elo and his friends, at least one of which was able to cast arcane spells, decided to 'teach the girl a lesson', and kidnapped her.  This naturally made the younger Licinius brother feel even worse, as he has no idea what became of the girl he had a crush on, apart from some ominous words from Elo saying he 'had to get rid of her so she wouldn't tell on them'.  He also told Svala that his brother Elo had become volatile recently, and had taken to hanging around a miserable, filthy grit shack in The Puddles called the Second Chance.  Svala returned the lad to his home, and then got with the others to visit the Second Chance tavern.

The group visited the squalorific slums that make up The Puddles District, and made it to the Second Chance just as the filthy grit shack was exploding into a bar fight.  They tried to maneuver their way through the chaos to get to Elo Licinius, but alas the situation was too volatile, and they got caught up in the fray.  At one point, a stranger who looked to be the one supplying the fighters with the illegal drug offered to help for a fee of 10 gp, which Russ tossed his way.  After helping for a few rounds, the mysterious rogue bowed out and left the group to fend for itself.  The grumpy dwarven barkeep and his massive, hulking ogre mop-up, named Oog, finally managed to subdue the fight – principally by either killing or knocking out the last combatants.  During the battle, Elo was nearly killed, and was rendered unconscious; Svala too was grievously wounded, and fell.  Faced with such injuries, Russ and Zenari decided to flee the tavern and hole up at the nearest hiding place they could find, which turned out to be a burned out building not too far from the entrance to The Docks district.  As the chapter came to a close, Russ went off to search for a cleric who might take pity on their plight, while Zenari stayed behind to guard the injured Svala and the unconscious Elo .


Russ notes (misspellings and all)

Marla is the prostitute


2nd floor with a balcony, and the balcony doors were broken into

baclony looks into the courtyard; big open

Yellow tells us she was a happy go lucky kid until she was 13 and then started getting down to business

Found a journal
- kept for awhile
- puppies and rainbows until she was 13

Would go to the main library
- Cenna – a tiefling
she was supposed to meet a Justix (student)

human (seems to be more interested in theory and less in practically)

- Vestigus – Archlord of Nex is the librarian
girl was hanging out in the presitigitation section

section for magical theory
- Wise House is where the sage house
- Artcan
admitted provisional
- old Taldan noble name
- runty little goofy teenage boy
- redish hair; freckles

- might possibly be a descendent of a ulfen guard that at some point turned into citizens
- Peddles
- Ascendent Court
- Senechel: House Lisenes
- rival houses
- older, fishing family
- Justix has an older brother named Elo; kinda a hotspur
- out at night
- Two fish intertwined

Found a note
“Meet me in The Shower – D”
The Shower
- Intertwining rose bushes that turn into a waterfall.
- Very romantic <3>s
- Frosty the Pecking Penguin : mascot: played by a halfling that

The next day, we went back the main house. Found that the person who took her had to have jumped up on a roof with a teenage girl…

chew drug that is really addictive, gets you super high, and makes people do crazy shit to get their hands on more. Basically like Crack. The Second Chance is a grit den in the Puddles.

Chapter 2

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