Svala Lorensdotter

Ulfen Slayer of Damerrich


Str: 17 (3)
Dex: 14 (2)
Con: 14 (2)
Int: 13 (1)
Wis: 10 (0)
Chr: 10 (0)


Svala Lorensdotter is from a logging village in the Linorm Kingdoms known as Lost Home. She was raised in poverty and learned many skills to help her and her family survive. Some of these skills were not always on the up and up but the family did what they had to in order to get by. When she turned 18 her father, Wulfgar, got a lucky break and landed a job at the lumber mill. The family was finally seeing a turn for the better. However, the good times were not to last as her father and some of his friends were accused of stealing from the company. Despite protesting his innocence he was found guilty and hung. Right after this tragedy occured a wandering priest of Damerrich named Korut arrived into town. Svala implored him to clear her fathers good name and once he investigated the situation, found that her fathers manager was responsible. However, the conspiracy went deeper, all the way to the owner of the company. Once the the priest of Damerrich brought justice to the corrupt manager, the company owner Njal Wolfpet, ran the family and the priest of Damerrich out of town. Svala’s mother, Brid, took the family to her brothers home in Jol. Uncle Gundar welcomed the family with open arms and the life long bachelor happily apprenticed Svala’s three brothers in his blacksmith trade. The priest of Damerrich however, approached Svala with a different calling and trained her as a Slayer of Damerrich, bringing justice to who escaped it and righting wrongs. After her training, the priest of Damerrich found her a case in Abalasom so Svala journeyed to the city…

Svala Lorensdotter

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