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  • Chapter 3 Loot

    From the office of Pardue Pidapush:

    • A mahogany pen set (worth 3gp)
    • Copper Blotter (worth 3gp)
    • Silver Chelaxian letter opener (5gp and +5 versus letter monsters)
    • Golden plated snuff box (20gp)
    • < …

  • Chapter 4 Loot

    After getting jumped by the Crimson Dragon (and then killing them), we got:

    • an opal ring off the sorcerer worth 120gp (not quite …

  • Chapter 6-7 Loot

    Much of the loot was left behind in the Precipice, however a good amount was able to be hauled out and sold (or used). Loot is separated in left behind and brought back.

    Brought Back

    • A clock of protection …

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