Chapter 6-7 Loot

Much of the loot was left behind in the Precipice, however a good amount was able to be hauled out and sold (or used). Loot is separated in left behind and brought back.

Brought Back

  • A clock of protection from chaos (from the closet of a child who's room had been on fire) (kept by Zenari)
  • 11 scrolls (almost all sold to Dickson at Jermain's Elixery for a total of 265gp)

    • Arcane (all sold for 260gp after Russ copied Enlarge Person and True Strike)

      • Daze
      • Spark
      • Hold Portal
      • Obscuring Mist
      • Lock Gaze
      • Identify
      • Enlarge Person
      • Animate Rope
    • Divine (2 scrolls; Longstrider kept, other sold for 5gp)

      • Stabilize
      • Longstrider
  • In a teacher's room:

    • iron flask with an elvish tree that refills with good wine 3/day (sold to Calamafar the elvish bard for 450gp)
    • a gold plated candelabra (sold to the jeweler for 250gp)
  • In a dwarven teacher's room:

    • +1 warhammer with runes of an epic poem and pictures of dragons

      • Called Hero's Song, a very old weapon mentioned in several epics, and is thought to be at the fight for the dwarves to reach the surface.
      • Sold to the dwarven weaponsmith for 3500gp (as long as Russ threw in his masterwork shortsword)
    • Dwarven boots with a sigil on them (unidentified, Cowen took them and they seem just fine)
  • Dusty ole prim ioun stone (+1 init) in the form of a necklace (Svala took it)
  • Snakeskin belt of vigor (+2 con for a minute 1/day standard action) (Russ took it)
  • The nose ring of a zombie bug bear (sold to the Ulfen jeweler for 25gp)
  • A gray silk cloak of resistance +1 hidden in a crypt with a fine clasp in the shape of Ouroborous (Svala took it)
  • An elvish black knife with a scorpion on the handle named Stinger (masterwork w/ +1 bleed) (Russ took it)
  • From various purses and such, 170gp

Left Behind (in a giant chest in a students room)

  • A beautiful rug depicting Aroden priced at 500gp
  • Room of Rahyna Thrym (who's folks might still be in town)

    • A necklace with ivory inlays and a blue stone (which is alone worth 300gp) magical

      • Has two spell in it: Endure Elements and Mount not sure if at will/constant)
    • A magic candle holder in the shape of a bear claw that automatically lights the candle, worth 300gp
    • A small loot (halfling size) with ivory keys and a bear claw pick in a leather bag worth 150gp
    • A note none of us could read in a loose floorboard
    • Diary
  • 183*4 gp of random goods that were found in the teacher rooms.
  • On a weirdly preserved boy near the allip's lair (we left in on the boy)

    • A feather fall ring
    • A necklace

The ambassador Miranda gave us 600gp for finding her daughter, with understanding of a favor at a later time

All told, we currently have 600+25gp+265+450+250+3500+170gp = 5260 gp. Gave 120gp ( Saben's share of the 600 reward from Miranda) to his parents. The rest of us raked in 1315gp for each person.

Chapter 6-7 Loot

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