Chapter 3 Loot

From the office of Pardue Pidapush:

  • A mahogany pen set (worth 3gp)
  • Copper Blotter (worth 3gp)
  • Silver Chelaxian letter opener (5gp and +5 versus letter monsters)
  • Golden plated snuff box (20gp)
  • 2 old history books: The History of Cheliax (rare – 200 gp) and Folktales and Bardsongs of Brevoy( 50gp).
  • Golden necklace (250gp)
  • Cloak that provides +2 to hide checks

All of this but the cloak was sold. Had to convince halfing storekeeper of We Love History Books! that the books were totally not stolen.

From the slave ship No Return, found:

  • A potion of cure light wounds (from the main slaver) (immediately used by Svala to stay alive)
  • A potion of cure moderate wounds (immediately used by Russ for the same reason)
  • A masterwork hand axe (300gp)
  • Chainshirt (80gp)
  • +1 Greataxe

The handaxe and chainshirt were sold, and Svala sold her previous axe to keep the new +1 Greataxe

From the Eastgate ambush:

  • an armor liner that gives a +1 enhancement bonus and staunching to current armor worn. Svala took this


Total, amount of gold received for sold loot: 811 GP (split among the party)


Also got 500gp per party member for returning the girl back home.

Also got 100gp for finding Eloh and making sure he wasn't dead.

Chapter 3 Loot

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