Copperwood is a small town northeast of Absalom, just four miles outside the city walls, which is the home of many of Absalom's laborers, tradesmen, and domestic servants. Originally a tent city of unskilled laborers who could not afford to live in the city proper, conditions steadily improved over the centuries until Copperwood became a town in its own right. The locals are often known as "copperheads".

The town was the first to be attacked by the mechanical invasion force of the wizard Karamoss in 3637 AR. Even though the druids of Absalom eventually repelled the siege, Copperwood was nearly destroyed.

The Pampered Poodle is one of the more popular inns and taverns in Copperwood, especially among travelers who want one last taste of civilization before hiting the wild interior of the island.

The Spire of Nex is approximately 6 miles North East of Copperwood.

36 Miles North from Copperwood, at the base of the Kortos Mounts, at some 5,000 feet from the ground is the famous Great Hush, a viewing spot of the Cairnlands below so called because the only sound one hears up there is the wind.

1. The Share Well                              2. Town Hall

3. Saber Hall                                      4.  The Pampered Poodle Tavern
5. Tradesman Hall                             6. Kiernans Warehouse and Storage

7. The Vipers Nest Pub and Games 8. Copperwood Barracks

9. Hiring Hall                                       10. Locust Grove

11. Blackhawk Stable and Livery      12. The Silver Hammer

13. Apple Jacks                                    14. The Tannery

15. Bedes Alembic                              16. The Silken Net

A. Hawthorn Lane is the road East to the town dump 

B. High Road leads North East towards Fort Iccanor and the Cairnlands and the Kortos Mounts

C. The Solemn Path leads North towards the Copperwood Burial Grounds

D. City Road leads South West towards Absalom


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