Diobel, the smaller of the two main towns of Absalom, is a bustling port town located on the western coast of the Isle of Kortes. The town is a center of trade in its own right, acting as a hub for fishermen, traders and smugglers wishing to bring illicit goods into the City at the Center of the World via overland caravan instead of through the closely watched harbor of Absalom proper. Because of its important position as an alternative shipping route into the city, control of Diobel is very valuable and rising factions wishing to gain power in Absalom can often be seen first across the Isle in Diobel. The city is currently ruled by Scion Lord Avid of House Arnsen, a rival and childhood friend of Absalom's own Lord Gyr.

1. Munali Manor     2. The Claw District     3. Red Bridge Pearl Market  

4. The Snout District     5. The Trawl     6. Wisps on the Winds

7. Kaldoons Smokehouse     8. Zamlins Drouge Den     9. Hoags Rickets and Rumples

10. The Hall of the Teriarch     11. The Harpys Gate     12. Scabbit Camp

13. The Consortium's Citadel     14. The Bristles     15. Pickapell Market

16. The Devils Pier     17. The Tower     18. Oyster Point     19. Cliffside

20. Wreck of the Hell Cat     21. Stingray Strand     22. The Tails

23.  Thule Family House     24. Temple of Gozreh     25. The Overflowing Oyster

26. The Dockhouse     27. Hospital of Milani     28. Lubors Imports

30. The Bank of Abadar     31. The Spiny Eel      32. Holdfast Tavern

33. Kaldroon House     34. Locosta Manor     35. Castle Rambas

36. Thistle Dew Nicely     37.  The Jolly Potboy Inn     38. Karbie House

39.  Margruel Hall     40. Rovalos Salvage     41. The Dancing Basilisk Magic Shop

42.  The Harpys Chant     43. Margruel Boatyard     44. The Gilded Kite Theater

45. Scabbits Warehouse     46. The Briny Deep     47. The Golden Wheel Bookshop

48. Ore Else Dwarven Forge and Smithy    49. Harkins Goods and Supply 

50. Diobel Academy


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