The Docks

The Docks is not merely a physical location in Absalom, but is in fact another city district. For most travelers, the docks are the first sight of the city experienced. It is a bustling area where longshoremen constantly load and unload cargo destined for Absalom's markets and elsewhere. The district itself is a rather rough place, as the Harbor Guard tends to turn a blind eye to most brawls and the like as long as things don't get out of hand. Young toughs are found nearly everywhere, announcing the services of all manner of businesses. These include a number of cheap water side taverns and brothels located here.  One tavern that attracts a rough crowd is the Sodden Sailor, located right on the Main Pier.  While there is no official Thieve's Guild present in Absalom, there are a number of small gangs which have divided up the city into their own 'wards', The Docks being no exception.  During the day, a number of small gangs eke out control of The Docks area, especially along the Main Pier.  At night, however, the main pier area is abandoned to the notorious Wharf Rats gang.

Places of Interest – Two world-class shipyards are located in the Docks, the Devil's Own and the Sea King Shipyard.

The largest crane in the world, known as the Beast, is located at the Long Pier, near the Main Pier at the Docks. The Beast is used to unload the heaviest and largest loads in Absalom.

One neighborhood towards the rear of The Docks that spills over into The Coins and the Foreign Quarter is called Little Qadira, from the many Qadiran shops and people who live there.   

The Docks

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