Shadows of Absalom

Chapter 4


Chapter 4 began with our adventurers relaxing as a group at Russ's favorite eating spot in Eastgate, the Grinning Goblin, where he was has able to collect money still owed to him by his acquaintance, the Shoanti warrior Korlax.  During this time, Russ and Svala were able to update Zenari about  the previous evening with Yeddig Lyshev 's death in Eastgate, and give him his share of the recovered loot.   Some notice too was paid to the latest edition of the Absalom Tattler, a scuttlebutt rag of a local tabloid which, like a blind stupid hog which occasionally finds an ear of corn, sometimes managed to print accurate information.  In this case, it reported that 'anarchists' (which is to say, the group)had made a number of fire attacks in the city, and in Escadar, and as the result of one of them a child murderer by the name of Traegar Grimvald managed to escape.

But before the group could feel too much anxiety over the consequences of their efforts of freeing Daria Junius from her captors, a hobgoblin regular entered the establishment, smirking and laughing over the fact that he'd just passed a crying human child in the middle of the road just outside the tavern, which he found to be extremely amusing.  Already feeling guilty about what might happen to local children in the City because of Grimvald's escape, the group left the tavern to investigate the child.  Cautiously, Zenari remained twenty feet behind Svala and Russ as they approached the weeping child: too late did Russ realize that the 'weeping child', although looking legit, was not making any sound at all. 

Just as he was puzzling that fact out, WHAM!!!, came a fireball from a dark alley nearby, exploding right between the three adventurers!  Suddenly, four admittedly shabbily dressed thugs, calling themselves The Crimson Dragon, emerged to attack the group.  Yet another ambush-style fight ensued; unlike some previous enemies, however, The Crimson Dragon proved to be more crimson colored cloth than actual dragon as the group finished them off rather quickly.  Even so, the group found it annoying and bewildering that they found themselves set upon yet again; a scrap of paper found on the dead mage indicated that someone (Pardu Pildapush, perhaps??) had provided information about where the group typically frequented.

After more questioning from the Post Guard, the group split up so that Svala could return to the Saucy Wench as Elsa and get the owner, Lady Kythes Finch, to testify on her behalf to the Watch Commander of the Post Guard over the attack in Eastgate.   Once that was over with, and the Watch Commander of the Post Guard was satisfied with her answers, Lady Kythes Finch went back to the Saucy Wench , and Svala returned to the temple of Kalistria to get a touch-up on her disguise so she could work one more evening.

After hiring a wing-booted messenger from The Blue Tower to send a message to the Watch Commander in the Foreign Quarter who stopped them previously, Russ met up with his landlord, the impressive gnome brawler Evona Peesami, who intoned that since he was able to help out the investigator with his ambush he could return the favor by helping out his sister Lotta Hughes find her missing prized pink porcelain poodle.  Begrudgingly, Russ agreed, and found the colorful artistic gnome to be just as whacky as he feared: after insisting she paint Russ holding a squealing pig, her barnyard pal Tom Turkey developed a crush on Russ – and after it was determined that the turkey was in fact sitting on the statuette, Russ left, only to find the turkey following behind him in cloud of cross-eyed lovesick wonder.  Russ enlisted Zenari's help, and the two of them managed to lose the irritating bird in Evergreen Park.

Meanwhile, Svala took a trip to the Ascendant Court to visit the main temple of Pharasma, where she meet the powerful oracle Zenobia.  The Oracle inferred that the Temple could certainly utilize a holy slayer, especially against a number of persons who cheated their true and natural fate by becoming undead abominations.   Svala agreed they could do business together.

During their trip back from ditching the turkey, Russ and Zenari were visited by a female halfling rogue from the Puddle Jumpers named Pockets, who told them that Pardu Pildapush wanted to meet the group in a public neutral place so they could iron out their differences.  It was decided that they all meet at the Saucy Wench , in The Coins, at 6:00 pm.  Hoping for the best, the group decided to meet up at the tavern, with Svala intending to retired her Elsa character for good.

Pildapush did in fact show, accompanied by three heavily armed orc guards.  He inferred that, in return for lifting the contract on their lives, the group would seek out Traegar Grimvald, the child murderer they accidently allowed to escape during their raid on the Last Chance, in Escadar, and capture him, alive, for him to return to slavery, something the Cheliax Embassy was particularly desirous of.  He mentioned a number of details about Grimvald, including the fact that he had something to do with the Guild of Wonders; he also mentioned that his sources told him that Grimvald was hiding in or near the former Tri Towers Yard, known better known as the Drownyard, a desolate ruin filled with salty brine and (supposedly) haunted by undead.  Russ and Svala, drawing on their knowledge of local history, knew that the Pathfinder Society once visited the ruin, and that a key to the iron gate that supposedly surrounds the premises is being held by Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin.  In addition to calling off the contract, Pildapush has also offered to pay the group 500 gold lions for their troubles.

Chapter 4 came to a close with the group discussing among themselves whether to visit the Pathfinder Society to inquire about their experiences with the ruins, and perhaps a loan of the key, or a visit to the shadowy Guild of Wonders to find out more about their quarry, or to do neither, and just head over to the Drownyard themselves, perhaps after hiring a cleric or other muscle.



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