Pioter Dumatrov

Youngest son of Erlin and Varella; caravan guard


Like his brother, Rao, 19 year old Pioter is a scout and guard for the family caravan business. A quarter elf, Pioter has the same close-cropped dark hair of the family. Tall and rangy, Pioter fights with a short bow and a pair of hand axes. His skills with animal and tracking are not as good as his father or older brother, but he is a good carpenter and is more mechanically-inclined than the others in the family, so he takes care of the wagons. Pioter likes to fish, and to carve and polish small wooden animals, which he sells as necklaces from time to time. His love interest is a young man who works for a rival Garundi caravan family out of Absalom.


Pioter Dumatrov

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