Fort Iccanor

Fort Iccanor is the latest fortification established by the Kortos Expeditionary Force, and is only 5 years old.  It is a wooden defensive structure situated some 32 miles north and east of Absalom, at the convergence of two seasonal streams coming down from the mountains into the north eastern Cairnlands.  Because of its location in an area of the Cairnlands without trees, all the lumber to build the fortification was bought in, at considerable expense, and the fort is under constant threat from attacks by gnolls, goblins, and minotaurs.  Water is saved in large barrels hidden in an earthen cistern, as the stream is seasonal only.  The only hunting that can be done to supplement the garrison's supplies is wild goats that come down from the mountain to drink at the stream.  The most hostile and unknown parts of the island is north and west of this fort, and it is probably the most primitive of all the fortifications in the Interior.

The Fort is a combination of a wooden palisade wall with wooden block houses, covered with oiled sheepskins to retard fire arrows.  Because wood quickly dry rots in this area, the palisade has been smeared with an oily black pitch or tar, which acts as a preservative, but makes the palisade more flammable.  To combat the problem of fire along the palisade, thin sheets of hammered tin, lowered on chains, have been attached to the outside walls on most of the outer palisade wall, which leads to the Fort's popular nickname the Tin Palace.  

Within Fort Iccanor are two wooden barracks houses, a covered smithy, a fenced corral and barn, a small carpentry shop, an armory, a stone silo, and a brick kiln.  A new brick barracks is being worked on to replace the two wooden ones,and is about half completed.  A small group of 30 or so civilians also live at the fort, including pig and chicken farmers, sawyers and masons, laborers, and there is a small tavern called the Mount View Tavern.  The officer in charge of this Fort is Sergeant Enid Tosca, a red-haired Kellid woman.  She and two other officers share a small officer's residence where the Fort's mage and cleric in residence live.

The sharp-eyed visitors will notice a large black balloon flying very high over the front of the Fort, many hundreds of feet in the air, tied by several ropes – any inquiries as to the purpose of the balloon are told that it is 'classified' information.

Fort Iccanor

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