As a way to control or protect various areas outside of the City limits, the Grand Council has seen fit to build a number of small fortifications in key strategic areas in the island, such as the Kortos Badlands, staffed by platoons of the Kortos Expeditionary Force.  The forts include:

Fort Azlan

Fort Dyre

Fort Evrah

Fort Iccanor

Fort Ovadar

Fort Uzziel

For the most part, life in these fortifications is hard; monsters lurk in the untamed wilds of the island, supplies come irregularly, and the forts offer little to do apart from drilling or fighting.  Water is scare is some of these forts as well, and must be conserved in cisterns, although some do offer hunting opportunities.  Platoons rotate every 6 months, partially to give them a break, but also to give them experience at each of the six established forts.  There are always rumors of additional fortifications being built, but until the KEF expands its ranks, which it cannot do with additional funds from the Grand Council, as well as the assent of the Primarch, such rumors are unsubstantiated.

                                                  A typical stone cistern


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